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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome to the Money project!

Likaholix is this new social website which is like Facebook and Twitter. It was created by two people who previously worked at google.

Likaholix is a fun and new way to share your likes and to find new tastes, and you can also find new freinds!

But what makes this new social network system unique is that they pay you $2 dollars per ref (paypal), if they connect their facebook account to it. If you can find enough refs then this can easily prove to be a really good money maker, and you will have fun while doing it!

You can also make money by participating in their contests and can earn up to $200 dollars doing that!

My friend told me that he has made $250 dollars so far, and so can you!

I can totally tell that likaholix is not a scam and i give it a very positive review, because they do pay! If you dont believe me, here is my payment proof:

My invite link:

Don't forget to connect with your facebook account for this to fully work and you get money from your own refs.

If you have any questions email

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